For Release: April 18, 2012

Alhurra TV Named New York Festivals® Finalist
Network Recognized for a Presentation of its Egyptian Revolution Coverage
(Springfield, Va.)--Alhurra Television’s video presentation highlighting the network’s coverage of the Egyptian Revolution was named a finalist in the New York Festivals® International Television and Films awards, in the category of Best Promotional Programs.

“In 2-minutes, this presentation encapsulates Alhurra’s award-winning non-stop coverage of the Egyptian Revolution. It highlights the courageous and professional job that the team of journalists did to report on this story,” stated MBN President Brian Conniff. “We have an incredibly talented team of producers and graphic artists that created this exceptional video.”

During the 18-days of protests, Alhurra’s correspondents took to the streets of Tahrir Square and Alexandria to hear from the demonstrators about their calls for change. The network’s live continuous coverage brought accolades from the press and viewers alike. Pan-Arab newspaper Al Hayat wrote that Alhurra was distinguished for its exclusives including the announcement that former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was stepping down from office. The article also stated that Alhurra was notable for its live and continuous coverage of the protests through its network of correspondents in the different Egyptian cities.

Alhurra’s coverage of the Egyptian Revolution was named the People’s Choice Award in the Association for International Broadcasting’s 2011 Media Excellence Awards. This People’s Choice Award highlighted the best international broadcast coverage of the democratic uprisings and the Arab Spring. Online voters named Alhurra’s coverage the best of the six finalists which included Al Jazeera English, Deutsche Welle, Press TV, NDTV and France 24.
Following the Egyptian Revolution, Alhurra’s weekly audience in Egypt jumped to nearly 8 million viewers according to the international research firm ACNielsen. The network’s viewership in Egypt rose from 3.9 million (7.5 percent) in 2010 to 7.7 million (14.7 percent) in the 2011. Ninety-three percent of network’s audience said they found the news to be credible.

The awards were presented last night during a ceremony in Las Vegas; other finalists in the Promotional Programs category included HBO, STARZ and NBC Universal. The New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards represents "The World's Best Television and Films" and honors programming in all lengths and forms from over 40 countries. Dedicated to both the TV and Film industries, categories mirror today's global trends and encourage the next generation of story-tellers.

Alhurra is broadcast on the Nilesat and Arabsat satellites in the Middle East.  Alhurra is operated by the non-profit corporation “The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.” (MBN). MBN is financed by the U.S. Government through a grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an independent federal agency.  The BBG serves oversight and as a firewall to protect the professional independence and integrity of the broadcasters. For more information on Alhurra visit



تأتي عمليات الاحتيال على غفلة وفي وقت غير متوقع، ويقع في شراكها الناس من مختلف والأعمار ومستويات الدخل والجنسيات.

ويرى دارسون لهذا الظاهرة المرفوضة والمنبوذة، أن الاحتيال او المحتال انما هو نتيجة تنامي القيم المادية على القيم المجتمعية والثقافية والمصلحة العامة.

ومايجب ان نعرفه أن كل شخص منا معرّض لعمليات الاحتيال، التي عادة ماتنجح  لأنها تبدو حقيقية للمُستغفل في غالب الاحيان.

فأساليب عصابات النصب والاحتيال في العراق مثلا ، تطورت بشكل لافت مؤخراً للإيقاع بالضحايا، عبر طرق قد لا تخطر على بال احد ومنها التمثيل.

ويستغل المحتالون ايضا التقنية الحديثة، ومواقع التواصل لخلق قصص يمكن تصديقها من شأنها إقناعك بتقديم مالك أو تفاصيلك الشخصية.

وينتحل المحتالون صفة موظفين حكوميين، ويطلقون ادعاءات كاذبة أو يستخدمون تهديدات بفرض غرامات مثلاً والاعتقال لإخافة ضحيتهم وحملهم على دفع المال... فهل وقعتم في شراك عملية احتيال؟ وماهي برأيكم اسباب الاحتيال وهل لها علاج؟